Alice Brown

Facial Plastic Surgery Clinic in Colorado, USA by Alice Brown

The Dr. Weber Facial Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Center was inaugurated by Dr. Weber in September of 2005, in Lone Tree, Colorado. Because of the great acceptance it received from the public, it soon started integrating other plastic surgeons, and expanding what is now a modern building, designed and equipped to provide local and international patients, top of the notch services, and beauty procedures that include: facelift, browlift, eyelid tuck, otoplasty, and rhinoplasty, non invasive procedures and skin treatments.
Dr. Weber, is a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, that specializes in rhinoplasty, face-lift, and non-surgical facial rejuvenation. His participation in mission trips of humanitarian nature, to Africa and Latin America, and his cooperation donating his services, in the program for victims of domestic violence: “Face to Face”, demonstrate his compassion for those in need.
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