Clean 9 diet is a wonderfully simple way to not only cleanse your body but also to get yourself into better shape! Because it only takes nine days, I think this is a do-able plan for many of us. You get 2 litres of aloe vera gel drinks in your clean 9 diet pack, along with the other products designed to support you. The other products include vanilla or chocolate protein shake powder (you choose which flavour you prefer) and some great supplements such as garcinia. What else do you do on the Clean 9 diet? You eat a healthy main meal on 7 out of the 9 days (the first 2 days are a cleanse) and on every day of the nine day plan you can snack on raw veg and fruit if you feel hungry. Your Clean 9 diet plan instructions explain exactly what to do on each day and it's simple to follow. Love it! Visit:
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