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A dream. A reality. Dream on... This could be the title of their next work, but in reality this is their main aim: never stop dreaming and make people dream along with their music. There is nothing they want more than that, they have no exact aim, and still a long way to go. Limits? They do not exist for them. Lunamoon was founded in 1998. After more than ten years in music business the founders Carlos Xavier and Thomas Estévez have created important pieces of music which follow New Age and World Fusion Music. One of the most important pieces of work these two have created is the background music ‘A Day in Paradise’, which was recorded for the well-known theme-park Loro Parque, in 2000. In the middle of this musical universe a new CD ‘Colours in the Air’ appears in the year 2003, animated by the Butterfly House at the Dragon Tree. The music seems to transport you to a place where the colours of the restless fluttering og the butterflies seems to carry you away. The echo of the beat of their wings resounds so far that the CD produced by Greenland Records is also on the Japanese market at present. The group`s experience in the production of sound-tracks can also be found in the videos ‘Puerto de la Cruz, a place in the world’ (2005), and ‘La Orotava, to know them means to love them’ (2008). One thing is clear for Lunamoon: they want to enlarge their horizon. In order to achieve this they are going to introduce their music in America. They have the power and the joy to work with big companies, and so they can be discovered by many listeners worldwide.