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Firm was established in the year 2014. Ever since its existence company has actually shown only upward pattern in growth. The innovative concepts advanced by the monitoring have actually induced positive effect in the growth.Reasonable tutoring packages, drifting team to deal with consumer's needs as well as much ordered educator employment division have already started revealing reliable results. To achieve the goal of the current year we are mobilizing the resources on a larger scale. Following factors have played a driving force in the implementation of our various processes. ➢ A good recruitment team means interviewing tutors who are qualified and experienced. ➢ A good customer care department opens a better channel of communication between service provider and receiver. Hence, helps in tracking the progress of the pupils. ➢ Improvement in sales too indicates the improvement in our service quality. This shows more number of people are interested in our Home Tutorial. ➢ New ways of reaching masses and selection of professional teachers have supported company to flourish in real world.