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Something was missing in my life. Whether it is golf, fishing, hunting, sports, or even photography, most of my friends and family pursued activities with a passion I did not. I like doing a lot of these things, but I certainly don’t approach them with the same enthusiasm as others. This actually bothered me somewhat, I wanted to be passionate about something! ? I started going to the beach in the very early hours of the morning, always waking up early no matter what day of the week it was. On weekends, while my family slept, I would get out of bed, go by my favorite coffee shop, and get on the beach fifteen to twenty minutes prior to sunrise. I thought about a lot things while waiting on the sunrise, but I always returned to my lack of a passion. I did this for years, sitting on the beach watching the beauty of a sunrise unfold in front of me wondering when I would find my passion. I began to realize I was addicted to sunrises. I started sharing pictures on social media under the heading “Sun Junky”. On one particular morning with a perfect mix of sun and clouds it came to me-sunrises were my passion! I was a Sun Junky! Now, I am sharing my passion with you.