The story of a bridge that truly touched my heart:

This summer I was blessed with a chance to visit Cocos Island (the most stunningly beautiful, uninhabited island of the whole wide world - also known as: Shark Island) located about 550 km from the mainland of Costa Rica! I had 10 unforgettable days of scuba diving side by side with hundreds of sharks, living on a both and hiking on the beautiful, wild, uninhabited island.

The wildlife of Cocos Island is unbelievable, but sadly the island is so beset by illegal shark poachers that the local park rangers built this entire bridge out of nothing but confiscated fishing gear - as a beautiful symbol of better times for the island. As they said: "We took something awful and made it into something beautiful" .. Breaks my heart, but makes it smile at the same time.

I guess that life is all about exploring the moments that matter, moments that no one can take away from you.. And this is truly a moment that I'll be keeping close to my heart forever!
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