The autobiography of Bela Szender, a true account of one mans journey: before, during and after the war. A book of life, love and the horrible atrocities he witnessed first hand throughout the Holocaust. Bela Szender, was born in Hungary January 2nd 1911 & Died in Israel 2004 at 93 years old. He survived one of the most horrific times in history, the Holocaust. But in doing so he lost everything dear to him, including his family and his business. During those trying years he was stripped of his humanity. He endured two work camps and, after escaping, he lived day to day until the war was finally over, avoiding being caught and turned in to the Nazis. After the war ended, he returned to the kind and helpful people who had assisted him in any way they could to keep him safe and brought them gifts as thanks for saving his life. Without them he would not have lived to write this testament. This is his legacy to future generations so that a time like the Holocaust will never happen again.
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