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Hi there. My name is Gar. A Pasadena-based freelance Travel photographer unshaken by Parkinson's Disease. I am CEO of ostudio & editor of i-venture mag. Oh, I am also a Taylor Dayne fan! My mission as a travel photographer is to capture the timeless essence that makes places I visit resonate in our imagination. As a photojournalist, to document, capture and preserve the moments that make the story that is unfolding, reflecting them back unobtrusively, truthfully, helping to preserve them, as I see them. I hope to serve as a catalyst to inspire people to think and respond to the world we live in. As a person with PD, I hope to bring attention to the cause to find a cure. (Diagnosed January 2007) So if you re-blog or share my work please give me credit, and most importantly, mention the fight and cause for a PD cure.